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Frequent asked questions

1Which broker do you use?
A Swedish broker for a Swedish prop firm. We use Scandinavian Capital Markets, a pure ECN/STP broker from Stockholm, Sweden.
2Which platform can I use?
Our accounts are only available in MetaTrader4 at the moment.
3Why do I need to pay a fee to join?
A fee exists for two reasons: 1) It ensures traders will take their tests seriously, as they will risk an average of 1% of the capital they are applying for. Without a fee, unfortunately a lot traders would not take it seriously and we would be funding unqualified traders. 2) Risk management. We have a lot of risk when funding live accounts, the fees help us offset that risk and deliver real accounts with real conditions to the traders that qualify.
4Indicators & EAs
EA's, Copy Traders, Scripts, and Indicators are all allowed.

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