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Frequently asked questions

1Which broker do you use?
Our MT4 accounts are hosted by Scandinavian Capital Markets, an established broker based in Stockholm, Sweden. Nordic Funder is the only prop firm supported by Scandinavian Markets, giving us substantially more capacity than our competitors.
2Which platforms do you support?
Currently, Nordic Funder only supports MetaTrader 4. We are working on integrating our risk management technology with other trading platforms.
3What is the profit share?
Nordic Funder lets you choose the profit share. The standard is 50%, but you can upgrade to 70% or 90%.
4Am I required to use a stop loss?
With our standard accounts you're required to apply a stop loss before submitting an order, which means you cannot use the quick trade buttons in MT4. However, you can purchase an add on to remove the requirement to trade with a stop loss.
5How much leverage is provided
Our funded accounts are available with 1:10 or 1:20 leverage. The leverage can be chosen when purchasing the assessment.
6Can I trade on weekends?
We offer an upgrade which allows holding positions over weekends. However, our broker does not support trading on weekends.

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