Funded Next vs
Nordic Funder

Do you know why traders choose Nordic Funder over Funded Next?
We do: Nordic Funder offers a one stage assessment and no minimum trading days.

Tired of confusing programs and restrictive rules? 🥱 So are we.

Unlike Funded Next, Nordic Funder has a simple 1-stage assessment with fair drawdown limits and a competitive scaling program. Forget Funded Next and try Nordic Funder.

Why you should join the Nordic Funder team

Stop failing evaluations with Funded Next. Nordic Funder gives you 70% more drawdown on our 1-step evaluation.

All you need to pass the assessment is 10% profit—no other obstacles like minimum trading days or time limits.

Don’t wait 4 weeks for your first profit share from Funded Next. Withdraw from your Nordic Funder account after 24 hours.

Join a funded trader program powered by a Swedish STP forex broker. Get your profit share paid out from reliable European banks.



Account size


Min trading days


Max loss


Daily loss


First profit


Scaling period

2 weeks



Funded Next

Account size


Min trading days


Max loss


Daily loss


profit share

4 weeks

Scaling period

4 months


Choose and customise your account

Frequently asked questions

1Which broker do you use?
Nordic Funder uses its sister company and well-known retail forex broker, Scandinavian Capital Markets. It ensures the same trading conditions for its direct clients and participants of the funded trader program. Funded Next does not use an independent broker.
2Which platform can I use?
We provide MT4 accounts for participating in the funded trader program. Funded Next offers MT4 and MT5.
3When can I get my first payout?
We let you choose when to request your first profit share after you’ve been funded for at least 24 hours. However, subsequent payouts should have at least 14-day intervals. In contrast, Funded Next makes you wait one month for your first profit share.
4Do you offer a scaling program?
Yes. We offer one of the most competitive scaling programs . We multiply your starting capital when you reach 10% profit without any time limits. Funded Next only increases your capital by 40% and required 4 months of profitable trading.
5When was Nordic Funder established?
The Nordic Funder journey started in 2011 when Scandinavian Capital Markets launched. In 2021, Scandinavian Funded Trader launched and later rebranded to Nordic Funder. Funded Next launched in 2020.